Empire Strikes Back - Super Smash Flash 2 Doubles

  • 40 spiller Double Elimination  
  • Super Smash Flash 2  
  • May 20, 2018 ved 10:30 PM CEST  
  • Innsjekk: Stengt  
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Empire Strikes Back - Super Smash Flash 2 Doubles

Empire is celebrating its fifth incarnation! Just a Mcleodgaming sponsoring wasn't quite enough already, so we decided to double the fun with, you guessed it, a doubles bracket. HYPE! (1 cookie for everyone that gets this lameass joke)

You can find the Mcleodgaming Official discord as well as the tourney chat here, while this link leads you to the Team Star Flash discord server. If you are interested in joining the singles event as well, you might want to take a look at this link right here. Captain Obvious would also like to inform you that you do infact require a discord account in order to join the tournament chat on the discord server.

Only one participant of every team is required to sign up on the bracket. Please enter both your tag as well as the tag of your partner, and a teamname if you have one. Going solo is not allowed, and for the veterans out there, the TCS Addendum has been axed. If your teammate quits, you can still go on 1v2 however.

Remember to check in an hour before the event, and give the ruleset a read as well! Oh, and please remember to upload your replays AS A .ZIP FILE as attachments to the bracket. Challonge lets you do stuff like that.



* Battlefield

* Tower of Salvation
* Dreamland 64

* Pokémon Colosseum

* Smashville


* Waiting Room/Final Destination /both stages can be struck at once)

* Dracula's Castle (hazards ON unless both parties agree otherwise)

* Rainbow Route

* Saturn Valley

Stage Selection Rules:

For the first game, teams use the 1-2-1 striking system to determine which stage is being played on. The team that does not host the room begins by striking one neutral stage. The other team then strikes two more neutrals, and the first team may then choose between either remaining neutral stage.

For each subsequent game, the winners of the previous match may strike up to 2 stages from the full stagelist. The losers then pick from the remaining stages. After the stage has been picked, the winning team declares their characters, followed by the losers. Any stage that was previously stricken will be available again for the next matches and must be struck again.

Dave's Stupid Rule: Teams may not counterpick stages they already won on in the current set.

Modified Gentleman's Clause: Stage striking may be skipped by agreeing to play on any legal stage instead (refer to the list above). Additionally hazards may be turned OFF on Dracula's Castle if all participants desire to do so.

"FDS" Clause: For stage striking and counterpicking, Waiting Room and Final Destination are treated as the same stage; meaning that a strike directed at one stage also strikes the other with the same strike. If either team decides to pick Waiting Room/Final Destination, that team may also decide which stage out of the two will be played on.


* 4 stock 8 minute matches.

* Items are set to NONE and OFF.

* Port priority: Please see fit that Team A takes on the spots of P1 and P4, while Team B gets P2 and P3 instead.

* Though not enforced, it is advised that quality settings are to be set to Minimum in order to minimize lag. The Stage Background and Shadows settings are especially important here.

* Team damage/Friendly Fire is set to ON.

* All sets are Best of 3, with the exception of Top 8, which is Best of 5 instead.

* Bo3 sets run on a 40 minute timer, while Bo5 sets run on a 60 minute timer. If a set is not finished in time, any currently played game will be nullified and the current leaders in game count will advance. If the set is tied a TO will personally determine the winner based on seeding, previous tournament and head-to-head results and available replays. If the set is tied and a match has started already, it will be played out regularly as a tiebreaker. If a set takes too long due to lag issues, all four  players will be forced to take a speedtest (see Lag Clauses below). If any player stalls a set intentionally to abuse this rule and win the set, they and their teammate will be disqualified and blacklisted instantly.

* Colourblind Clause: Any recolour that blends with the stage is discouraged for the sake of visibility, including Dark Skins in conjunction with disabled Stage Backgrounds or barely different pallete swaps in the case of a ditto.  It is recommended that one team picks the Blue colour in order to avoid Red/Green colourblind issues. Players may reset a match without penalty if they wish for a colour change. Taking or dealing damage nullifies this right. Additionally, Ghost Ness is banned entirely.

* This should be obvious, but alting and/or PTCing is banned.

* Subbing in for other players is not permitted. Be on time.

* Showing poor sportsmanship or displaying a toxic behaviour throughout the tournament is a valid reason for a DQ. Behave yourselves. This includes insulting your opponent, intentionally refusing to play them, excessive taunting, arguing with a TO for an extended amount of time (especially for petty reasons) and more.

* Stalling is banned and will result in the currently played game being forfeited. If your opponent(s) is/are stalling the match, please hand the replay to a TO. Stalling is defined as intentionally delaying the game as to make it (near) unplayable. This includes, but is not limited to:

1.) Excessively going under and/or around stages for purposes other than recovery or avoiding respawn invincibility.

2.) Excessive ledgestalling, AKA planking. An example of this would be Samus's Zair ledgestall.

3.) Using the same move more than once during an infinite, including regrabs, dealing more than 150% in one infinite or surpassing 300% during one infinite.

4.) Using invincibility/intangibility glitches to remain invincible/intanglible for more than 30 seconds in total during a match.

5.) Using freeze glitches to freeze either character.

Note: Moving around the stage to gain a more advantageous positioning is not considered stalling. This includes refusing to approach the opponent with a percent/stock lead.

* Pac-Man's Key Jacket glitch is banned. Usage will result in a match loss.

* Sudden Death Clause: If a Sudden Death occurs, a 1 stock 3 minute tiebreaker will be played instead, using the same characters and stage. The results from the Sudden Death will be ignored. If the tiebreaker also results in a Sudden Death, it will be replayed until a winner is decided. If a Sudden Death occurs via timeout, see Timeout Clause below.

* Suicide Clause: If a game ends with a suicide move such as Flying Slam, the initiator and his teammate win regardless of the results of the Victory Screen. This only applies if the player who initiated the suicide was tied in stocks with his opponent or had the stock lead. This clause overrides the Sudden Death Clause if neccessary. Obviously, suiciding with your teammate in an attempt to abuse this rule will result in a match loss.

* Timeout Clause: If a match goes to time, the team with the most remaining stocks in total will be declared the winner. If the stocks are tied, the team with the lower amount of damage overall will be declared winner instead. If both stocks and percentages are tied, a 1 stock 3 minute tiebreaker will be played instead (see Suicide Clause above).

* Tardy Clause: Players should arrive on time to play their sets. Players who are 15 minutes late will be removed from the bracket, so do your teammate a favour and be on time. Similarly, if a participant disappears mid-tournament or mid-set, they will be removed from the bracket after 15 minutes have passed and they have failed to respond to pings or a TO. This will result in the remaining teammate being allowed to drop out as well or continue in a 1vs2 fashion. If a player knows they will be late/gone before the tournament, a TO must be informed in time. Telling a friend/the opponent does not qualify.

* Disconnect Clause: If a disconnect or desynch occurs during a match, said match is to be replayed with the former stock count - when in doubt, hand the replay to a TO. For subsequent disconnects/desynchs during the same set, the team which had the highest stock count remaining will be declared the winner; if stocks are tied, the team with the lower amount of damage wins. If stocks and percentages are tied, a 1 stock 3 minute tiebreaker will be attempted. If the tiebreaker also disconnects/desynchs, the winner of the set is decided by the TOs.

If a player intentionally disconnects without there being proof of being a desynch, disconnect or visibility issues, they automatically forfeit the match. It is highly recommended that you contact the opponents and your teammate before disconnecting. Players who abuse this or any other rule in an attempt to obtain favourable match results will be disqualified and blacklisted on the spot.

Lag Clauses:

If a match is considered unplayable or nearly unplayable due to lag, all players will be forced to take a speedtest. A speedtest can be called at any time by either player as long as the set has not finished yet, but not before Game 1 has started. Both teamrs will then send their results to a TO, who will determine the winner of the set based on average internet connections across both teams. Exceptionally poor results will also result in a DQ. Attempting to abuse this rule to force a set win in a stable connection will result in a DQ and being blacklisted.

If a set takes too long due to connection issues, every player will be forced to take a speedtest. The players with the worse connection overall will drop the set regardless of the current score.

If a competitor's connection is considered unsuited for competitive play, they will be removed from the bracket and added to the Toaster List. If all players fail to meet the requirements, the higher seeded team will advance before being disqualified.

To be considered unsuited, one of the following must apply:

The player has less than 8 Mb/s Upload AND Download speed.

The player has less than 2 Mb/s Upload OR Download speed.

The player has more than 50 ping.

If any rules are broken, the player/team may be punished by TOs' discretion. This includes but is not limited to: Loss of match, loss of set and disqualification.

If there are any questions about the rules, the TO or another tournament representative should be consulted only after you have checked the bracket for information.

If the TO or any other tournament respresentative suspects any player/team of any form of cheating, bracket manipulation or collusion, that player /team will be immediatly disqualified.

If you catch another participant breaking any of the rules, please tell a TO so that appropiate actions can be taken as soon as possible.

Toaster List:

These players will be required to take a speedtest before the tournament. If their connection does not mee the standards set above, they will not be allowed to participate.






These players are currently banned from all Empire events until further notice.



Final Results

Supreme Champion: 16*29 Monte &Mac
Worthy Adversary: Aucious&Shyguyking
Maybe Next Time: Real 2v1 hours

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